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Temporary Relief of Dry Mouth & Oral Discomfort You Can Count On

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Enjoy The Benefits

Here's why SplashTABS delivers relief from your oral discomfort faster and better than any other remedy or product

Excites Natural Saliva Flow 

Flavored SplashTABS Oral Moisturizing Tablets are actually lozenges scientifically formulated with Xylitol and other natural ingredients including an Extract from a natural herb that has been used for centuries to relieve toothache pain and excite natural saliva production. 

Excels In Relieving Oral Discomfort

This unique formulation, what we call The Science of Wet, is the secret that makes all SplashRx products so effective in relieving oral discomfort and moisturizing the mouth.

Anti-Fungal & Anti-Inflamatory

This Extract is classified as a sialogogue, or saliva enhancer. It also has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which relieves oral discomfort associated with a variety of maladies like Burning Mouth Syndrome, Oral Thrush, side effects from oral surgery or cancer therapy, and oral dryness or discomfort as a reaction to prescription medications, just to name a few.

Long Lasting & Soothing Relief

Whenever you are experiencing dry mouth, pain, burning, or "any " oral discomfort, just pop in a tasty flavored SPLASH TABS lozenge and feel the soothing, cool relief as it immediately goes to work. Long after the lozenge and flavor is gone you’ll notice the product's unique “Tingle " remains, a sign that the lozenge's special properties are present and working.


There are no better natural saliva-enhancing oral relief aids than the SplashRx line of products, because there are none that contain our unique formulations.

4 Flavors You Will Love

Lemon Fresh


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Cool Berry


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New Flavor

Cool Mint


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Orange Citrus


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"How Do I Use SplashTABS?"


Take 1 thirty minutes before breakfast

This gets the moisture going again after a good night's sleep.  Don't drink or eat anything for a half hour after taking one so you don't wash away the affect.

Note:  The tingle on your tongue is normal - it is a sign that the herb is still present and working.

Be careful you don't drool!  🙂


Take 1 between lunch and an afternoon snack

This helps you stay comfortable between meals.  Follow the same rules.


Take 1 just before you retire for the night

Make this the last thing in your mouth before sleep.  The magic will help you go to sleep and stay that way long into the night.  A tip is to place the SplashTAB between your cheek and gum so it can stay in place and slow release.

If you are REALLY dry, then increase the doses as needed.  There is nothing that will hurt you if you double up to 6 each day.

Athletes and Public Speakers:  take as needed!

Who Is Using SplashTABS?

People with severe medical conditions and dry-mouth symptoms.

Runners and athletes that want to focus on performance without any distractions.

The health-conscious.

Families that are trying to stay ahead of the disease-curve.

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Mix and Match flavors as you wish to   ~~    Select all 1 flavor, or in any combination


Not happy?   No problem.    We have a full 90-DAY  "EMPTY-BOTTLE"  Guarantee.

Buy with confidence - the risk is on us.

Within 90 days from your shipment receipt date just send us an email to service@SplashTABS.com with "REFUND" in the subject line and tell us you'd like a refund.   We'll email back a printable return-shipping label for you to ship back the remainder of your order for a full refund as long as you have opened and used only one of the bottles (of a multiple-bottle order).  If you used more than one bottle, then we'll refund your purchase price less any additional bottles opened.   We'll refund to the payment method you used within 10 days upon return of the product to us.  Only purchased one bottle?  Just send back the empty bottle!    WE WANT YOU HAPPY!

Here's what people are saying about SplashTABS


My dentist told me to maintain a wetter mouth or die. So I’m listening. I have COPD and have been scared out of my wits already. THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS I love the tingle on my tongue and my teeth feel smoother somehow after using them. What a simple way to stay healthy!

Jan J., Tampa, FL

I got your tabs for my mother

I got your tabs for my mother. She takes 11 medications and has such a dry mouth that sometimes she has trouble talking and eating. I have her use one before each meal and now she asks for one many times during the day she really likes the tingle that she says makes her feel like her mouth is getting wetter like she remembers it used to do. I worry about her I even started using the splash tabs myself after seeing how they helped my mother. I didn’t realize how dry my mouth had become until I started drooling soon after my first tab. We can’t thank you enough. What a value at the price you are selling this relief in a bottle!

Jedidiah C., New York City, NY

the Splash tabs soothe my gums

I love the Splash tabs because they make my mouth feel more moist and fresh. Sometimes, if I “over floss” the Splash tabs soothe my gums and the soreness goes away. I love that tingle!

Diane S., Spring Hill, FL

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