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How To Enjoy Each Day Free of Oral Discomfort

Follow The Method Best For You

Severe Dry-Mouth Sufferers

Daily Ritual

If you take medications, have chronic oral pain, discomfort, little-to-no ability to produce enough natural saliva

ADVANCED AT-RISK  (Extreme level) 


  • Take a SplashTABS to get saliva going
  • Brush after breakfast, then take another one (avoid fluids or eating for 30 minutes minimum)
  • Use additional SplashTABS as needed


  • Brush after lunch, then take a SplashTABS (avoid fluids or eating for 30 minutes minimum)
  • Use additional SplashTABS as needed


  • Floss
  • Brush
  • then take a SplashTABS as the last thing you eat or drink

Suggested monthly supply:

  • 180 tablets  (2 bottles = 6 tablets per day)

Moderate Dry-Mouth Sufferers

Daily Ritual

For everyone else that wants to keep a naturally-wet & healthier mouth: people over 50 or people with dry mouth symptoms; speakers, athletes

PROGRESSIVE  AT-RISK  (Moderate level)


  • Take a SplashTABS as needed
  • Minimum: 3 per day


  • Floss
  • Brush
  • then Take a SplashTABS as the last thing you eat or drink

Suggested monthly supply:

  • 90 tablets  (1 bottle = 3 tablets per day)

Adopting this as your new Daily Ritual is your best chance for relief from your oral discomfort.

Imagine Living That Day Like This...

Sleeping the whole night 

#1 pre-user Complaint

Imagine sleeping all night uninterrupted by those annoying and rest-destroying bathroom visits.

A "focused" run or workout

#2 pre-user Complaint

Imagine not having a parched mouth so you can focus on your competition, not where the next water table is.

Enjoying your food again

#3 pre-user Complaint

Imagine drinking your favorite drinks or eating your favorite foods  without it tasting like sandpaper.

Having a pain-free mouth

#4 pre-user Complaint

Imagine a few hours of restful peace and calm without the stress of a throbbing throat or bone-dry mouth.

Giving a 'comfortable' speech

#5 pre-user Complaint

Imagine delivering that 1-hour presentation without pausing every 5 minutes to wet your whistle.

Having fresher breath

#6 pre-user Complaint

Imagine being able to mix with your friends and co-workers knowing that your breath is fresh and clean.

About the Founder

I can't help it - Yes, I am a life-long health-nut and advocate, martial arts devotee, serial entrepreneur, inventor, author, and developer of the SplashRx Brand of products, with SplashTABS as our Brand's flagship. 

My team and I have developed methods to process and formulate herbal extractions so uniquely that today, I'm thrilled to say, SplashTABS is changing the lives of the health conscious, athletes, public speakers, smokers, and people coping with dry-mouth symptoms or discomfort.

I can't wait to hear your success story once you join our growing community of happy "droolers"!

4 Flavors You Will Love

Lemon Fresh


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90ct Bottles

Cool Berry


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New Flavor

Cool Mint


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90ct Bottles

Orange Citrus


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What You'll Get In Each SplashTABS Bottle

A Naturally-Wetter Mouth

Flavored SplashTABS Oral Moisturizing Tablets are actually lozenges scientifically formulated with Xylitol and other natural ingredients including an Extract from a natural herb that has been used for centuries to relieve toothache pain and excite natural saliva production. 

Long Lasting & Soothing Relief

Whenever you are experiencing dry mouth, pain, burning, or "any " oral discomfort, just pop in a tasty flavored SPLASH TABS lozenge and feel the soothing, cool relief as it immediately goes to work. Long after the lozenge and flavor is gone you’ll notice the product's unique “Tingle " remains, a sign that the lozenge's special properties are present and working.

Anti-Fungal & Anti-Inflamatory

This Extract is classified as a sialogogue, or saliva enhancer. It has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which relieves oral discomfort associated with a variety of maladies like Burning Mouth Syndrome, Oral Thrush, side effects from oral surgery or cancer therapy, and oral dryness or discomfort as a reaction to prescription medications, just to name a few.

What People Are Saying about SplashTABS...

My hygienist had me change to use your product

I can’t stand that milky aftertaste from that bioteane mouthwash we were using. My hygienist had me change to use your product six times every day for thirty days and I have to thank you for how much of a difference this made in my life. I had such bad breath and sore mouth that it hurt to brush my teeth and my hygienist was really getting on me to clean my mouth better but I just couldn’t. now I can because of this silly little tingle in a bottle. My mouth is never dry anymore or sore so when I brush it doesn’t hurt. I will always use your tabs please don’t stop making them!!!

Barry K., Roanoke, VA

I can’t believe how wet my mouth stays

I saw your web site and decided to try your tabs. Nothing else worked for me so I had nothing to lose. I had to write you---these things are FANTASTIC. After years of trying everything for my sore mouth and dry throat from my medications, I can’t believe how wet my mouth stays for an hour or more after doing one of these things. I try not to drink or eat anything like the instructions say and it works. God bless you! Oh, they really taste great too!

Cal M., St. Louis, MO

I finally can get a sound night’s sleep!

I finally can get a sound night’s sleep! Before using the tabs I would wake up frequently for water. Now I put a piece of the tab under my tongue when I turn in and my mouth stays wet most of the night.

Jane A., Edmond, OK

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The Clinical Trial Secret Protocol

This is the official .pdf Summary version of the At-Risk & Progressive At-Risk Protocol developed through the Clinical Trial Tom spoke about.  

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The Official SplashTABS Infomercial Transcript

This is the official 21-page .pdf transcript of the same 28 minute TV Infomercial that introduced SplashTABS to a national U.S. audience in 2013.  In it you can see infomercial screen shots and read about the product's benefits for you, Dr. DeLuca DMD (the sponsoring dentist conducting the Clinical Trial) and Tom Hitchens talking about the formation of the SplashTABS product.  Forbes Riley, long-time TV celebrity, is the host.  


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Your Oral Discomfort Stops Now When You Get SplashTABS

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