Part 2:  


It’s simple, really.

Here’s where I can start to help you, but only if you are dead serious about relieving your dry mouth suffering.

You see, your own body’s defense mechanism is better than ANYTHING man-made.

Read that again--

You need your own “natural” saliva, not a substitute like water or mouthrinses or candy, to comfort your mouth when it’s screaming at you.

And WOW - it’s screaming at you when it’s dry.  Isn’t it?

So why, then, do we first grab the substitutes like water and sugar candy when we have a dry mouth episode…

…when what we really need is our own natural saliva and lubricants?

[Sorry, I know why… because when you are desperate, you are desperate! ...  But I digress --  my apologies]

But wait –

What CAN we use when our mouths can’t produce enough natural saliva, nature’s lubricant?

That’s the real issue, isn’t it?

And then there’s this other truth – and holy cow it’s a big one –

Are you ready for the reason many of us are in more danger by nursing a dry mouth than others?

But first, I’ll say to you what Morpheus said when he offered to tell Neo the truth in the movie The Matrix…

“You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.”

You followed me this far, so I guess you took the red pill.

You want the truth…

OK.  Here it is:

If you have an unhealthy mouth, it will show in your smile, and that is the sign that you have underlying conditions that need to be addressed.

If you have heart disease or kidney disease, or emphysema - or any medical condition -

- and you have an unhealthy mouth, you're making those conditions worse!

We're talking your heart, your lungs, your kidneys…

... everything in your body is affected by the health of your mouth.

Even if you are healthy with no known disease issues… it affects all of us.

Here, let me give you an example.

Oral plaque has been found in the arteries around the heart!

Research has proven that the same kinds of bacteria - the same chemical component in the plaques of your mouth-

- are the plaques that you hear about lining your arteries.

These are the plaques that become dislodged, travel through the body and cause strokes!

So, you just thought you had a dry mouth problem, didn’t you?

I hate to tell you, but it’s much much more serious than that.

I want to share a quick story with you before we move on…

A few years ago I was in the dentist chair for my semi-annual cleaning when my dentist was examining me. 

“Tom, what have you been doing differently?  Your teeth and gums are really bad this time.  Have you been brushing?”

Surprised by the question, I answered rather defensively.  “I sure have!  Three times a day, and I floss and use a WaterPik.  Why?”

“You have considerable plaque this time, and several deep pockets of disease.”

Wow.  What had changed?  Why the difference?

After a closer look, she asked, “you just turned 55 didn’t you?”

“58!” I exclaimed.

She went on, “you know, I am seeing considerable damage from a drying condition, and you seem to be producing very little saliva.  You have several new cavities and your gums seem to be receding.”


As it turns out, in the six months since I had been there last, my body chemistry had changed so much that it was really affecting my mouth.

But she was right!

I hadn’t even noticed my mouth was extremely dry all of a sudden. 

And that seemed to make sense…

That daily run was becoming more and more difficult – not because I was unfit – but because my mouth was so parched.

And I speak for a living.  It was becoming more and more difficult for me to get through a talk without constantly wetting my whistle.

Then I’d have the “bathroom” stress from drinking so much.

The dentist explained that once it begins, it starts so gradually that I never even noticed it. 

Kind of like the lobster placed in a pot of cold water on the stove. 

The lobster will not get too alarmed by the slow-rising temperature of the water until it’s too late.

I don’t take medicines and am in good health overall.

But my ability to produce saliva had been reduced greatly to the point that I had developed periodontal disease [for gosh sake!], the increase in bacteria build-up…

…so badly that it was destroying my teeth and gums.


What a wake-up call. 

After a full-mouth deep cleaning…

[…yeah right – they call that horrible procedure a “Scale and Root Planing”… ugh!!]

…and a special antibiotic below the gum-line, my dentist gave me strict instructions on how to step-up my hygiene.

She also stepped-up my scheduled cleanings to every 2-3 months instead of the usual 6.

That’s when she told me I needed to find something to keep my mouth wetter, too.

Because without that critical step, I could brush all I wanted…

…wouldn’t change a thing.

Now here’s the punchline:  Just two years earlier I had invented a product to do just that!  Never realizing I would be using it myself as prescribed by a doctor”.

You see, I was a business consultant for medical and dental practices for years.


Many of my dental clients would ask me, “Tom, I have several patients that have chronic xerostomia [dry mouth].”

“See what’s out there that I could safely prescribe to them.”

Part of my job was to research available techniques and products to keep my clients current and up to speed, beyond their continuing education.

I found several dry mouth products and took them into my client who rejected some of them because he didn’t like the ingredients.

But he tried the others on some of his most severe patients.

As bad as some of the patients’ dry-mouth symptoms were, they just couldn’t use the samples…

…it burned their mouths, or they got no benefit using them…

…or they simply hated the taste…

I just had to figure this out. 

Thinking of those poor people struggling to do things I took for granted really started grading on me.

My heart went out to those poor people that suffered so.

That’s when I sought out the help of a master herbalist in Oregon to help me put together something new. 

I’ve always been a health-nut and have relied on natural remedies all my life.

What better way to solve this problem too.  Right?

My herbalist-friend and I started with my list of “requirements” and a few alternative ingredients he suggested. 

We both worked up a formula based on natural herbs, and a process to extract the active ingredients in a way that would maximize its long term effect.

We also developed a process to press these unique ingredients into an easy-to-dissolve pressed lozenge without destroying the active ingredients.

(hint:  no “cooking”, no heat!)

I took some of the flavored samples back to my client…

…and he loved them

  • the taste…
  • the ingredients…
  • the way it easily dissolved on the tongue…

  • (and here’s the best part…)

  • the way it instantly created this explosion of wetness the moment it hit the tongue!

  • “Wow”, I thought.  “This could be HUGE!”

    Next step was to sample his most severe patients.

    And you know what?  They loved it too!

    Amazingly the patients not only loved the results, which were stunning considering how little natural saliva they could produce on their own…

    …but they just raved about how good they tasted!

    They loved them so much they wanted more!  And I didn’t have any!!

    But still, I was thrilled!  What a breakthrough!

    I immediately went to work producing more and more of these tablets that the patients were calling…

  • life-changing
  • a God-send
  • game changer

  • I was particularly interested in what Niccole said:


    Because her issue was not just dry mouth.  She experienced an overall painful condition that affected her mouth, her jaw and her ears!

    The relief she spoke of was not just that her mouth was getting naturally wetter, but also because the pain was going away.

    There also was this healthcare nurse in a town nearby that my wife knew.  She was having terrible tooth pain from a broken tooth.

    My wife gave her some of these tabs.  Next time they met the nurse asked if she could get more. 

    She was chewing-up the tab into little pieces and surrounding her bad tooth with them.

    ...splash tabs took the pain away...

    I threw away the pain medication my dentist gave me and used the splash tabs instead! I had a broken tooth in my back gum area that was infected. I chew the thing up into little pieces and let them cover the sides and top of my infected tooth. In less than five minutes, not even, the splash tabs took the pain away. It stayed away for at least 2 hours. I carry these things with me everywhere. I love them. I do.

    Angel D., Brooksville, FL

    She said there was an instant “numbing affect” that took her pain away!

    Oh, that’s a part I haven’t told you about yet.  This magic herb soothes pain and discomfort from the natural numbing properties in the herb.

    In the old days people referred to this herb as “the toothache plant” because when they chewed on the flower head it would numb the pain!

    On the next page I’ll explain to you exactly how this happened for her and all of the other people that use this miracle remedy.

    As I said on the Survey page, there’s a daily ritual that’s making the magic happen for people just like you.

    I’ll also share with you my secret-weapon ingredient that makes all the magic happen.

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