Part 3:  


The more patients that we tried these lozenges on...

...the more and more raving reviews we got back in return, along with a call for more and more of the product.

We were helping so many new patients now that simply producing this “miracle remedy” as it was being called led me to a tough decision to make…

…scale up or sell it off.

At my age and temperament, I was at a crossroads.  I really wanted to start slowing down.  I worked hard all of my life. 

Time to gear back, right?

My wife and I talked and talked about this.

She thought that if I quit, there would be people left to suffer, and she said that wouldn’t be fair.

And after seeing how this lozenge was positively affecting people, relieving them of their suffering,

I finally made one of those life-decisions of my own and decided to keep going with it.

I soon formed a company, branded these miracle lozenges and started selling them through my other medical and dental client offices.

Remember Nicole from the previous page? helped to calm down the pain in my tooth and all through my gums...

When I took the SplashTABS™, it helped to calm down the pain in my tooth and all through my gums as well because I was having it. It was going into my ear. I didn't know if I had an ear infection or if my jaw was bother me or any of that and it really did make a difference. It just kind of helped to take some of that away.

Niccole G., Tampa, FL

Here’s why that happened.

Remember on the previous page I mentioned my secret weapon?

Well, here it is…

It’s called the Jambu plant.  At least that’s what the indigenous people of Asia called it many years ago.

Actually they called it the “toothache plant”. 

Because, not having access to a dentist back then, they would pick this plant and chew on the flower head to get rid of the pain in their mouth!

Yep.  It’s as simple as that.

The “spilanthol extract” in the Jambu Acmella plant, the active ingredient, not only serves as a natural sialagogue (meaning it makes your mouth start watering)

…but it also has a numbing effect.

That’s right.

This amazing plant excites your own salivary glands into producing as much saliva as is still possible.

That gives you the NATURAL oral wetness you need, but it also numbs any pain you are experiencing!

This one-two punch combination is what makes SplashTABS so amazing and life-changing.

My company has developed a unique process to extract the spilanthol from the Jambu plant in such a way so that it keeps its effectiveness when blended into a great tasting slow-dissolving lozenge.

I had such dry mouth because of my diabetes

J.P. M., Orlando, FL

I speak for a living. I had such dry mouth because of my diabetes and constantly had to be sipping liquid, which would then make me have to go relieve myself. It was quite the distruption. No more! My dentist handed me a bottle of your berry Splash Tabs and I am hooked! Sometimes the tingle lasts for a half hour or more after the Splash Tab is gone but it still keeps me salivating like I was 18 and looking at a burger on the grill. If these things didn’t taste so good maybe I could cut down on their use, I find myself going through a bottle in a week because I am so hooked on them now. I see they are only 5 calories so this is now my vice since I can’t eat candy anymore. Keep sending them ----I’ll keep using them.

My hygienist had me change to use your product

Barry K., Roanoke, VA

I can’t stand that milky aftertaste from that bioteane mouthwash we were using. My hygienist had me change to use your product six times every day for thirty days and I have to thank you for how much of a difference this made in my life. I had such bad breath and sore mouth that it hurt to brush my teeth and my hygienist was really getting on me to clean my mouth better but I just couldn’t. now I can because of this silly little tingle in a bottle. My mouth is never dry anymore or sore so when I brush it doesn’t hurt. I will always use your tabs please don’t stop making them!!!

I got your tabs for my mother

Jedidiah C., New York City, NY

I got your tabs for my mother. She takes 11 medications and has such a dry mouth that sometimes she has trouble talking and eating. I have her use one before each meal and now she asks for one many times during the day she really likes the tingle that she says makes her feel like her mouth is getting wetter like she remembers it used to do. I worry about her I even started using the splash tabs myself after seeing how they helped my mother. I didn’t realize how dry my mouth had become until I started drooling soon after my first tab. We can’t thank you enough. What a value at the price you are selling this relief in a bottle!

So, I hear you asking… “Will this work for me too?”

Of course it can.

On the next page I’ll share with you the results of a Clinical Trial where dozens of people just like you and me experienced this life-changing relief for themselves.

In Part 4 I’ll also explain what I developed as a 3-Step protocol to...

  • help dry-mouth sufferers of varying degrees of condition overcome their inability to eat and enjoy their food,
  • have a normal pain-free conversation with someone,
  • sleep “most” of the night without waking every couple of hours to drink water and frequent the bathroom,
  • Complete a run or a workout without focusing on a horribly-dry mouth,
  • Deliver a speech in its entirety without stressing over a dry mouth or a full bladder!
  • Never fear a bad dentist-report at teeth-cleaning time.

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