Part 4:  


Another thing I love about all of this is that ANYBODY can do it.

The "knowing how" part is easy too... for you, at least because...

...I'm going to tell you!  :-D

It’s simple, really.

Old or young, very ill or in relatively good health, dry mouth will affect us all…


How to handle it is as simple as knowing WHAT, WHEN, HOW.

Once you understand that, then handling it will be a walk in the park.


It’s how my 80 year old mother-in-law dealt with her Sjogren’s Syndrome late in life.

It’s how my 78 year old father-in-law dealt with his dry mouth complications as a result of his taking of 8 prescription medications!

Both of them had serious illnesses:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Neuropathy
  • Even cancer (survived it, thank goodness!!)
  • You get the picture. 

    And all of those medications, their age, and their poor oral hygiene…

    …led more and more to their oral discomfort. 

    They drank water all the time.

    They went to the bathroom all the time as well.

    Eating became a chore, and many of the foods they loved no longer gave them enjoyment.

    Sleepless nights, cold sores in their mouth, difficulty wearing their dentures…

    …were all adding to their being able to have any kind of an enjoyable life.

    Trying to help them made it even more of a priority for me to find a way to maximize this miracle product’s use and benefit.

    As a natural researcher I started looking into how and why dry mouth develops. 

    My thinking was if I could better understand its origins, I could better create a “SYSTEM” to extract the maximum relief and benefit for my own parents.

    Many times we would see that the doctors were compounding one medication on top of the other.

    The heart doctor would give my father two medicines.

    He would go to his general practitioner who's treating him for diabetes. They'd give him three more and before you know it they're traveling with a shoe box full of medicine bottles! 

    Each of them!!

    Is that you?  Someone you love?

    And if you look at the leading drugs that you take today, one of the most common side effects is… you guessed it… dry mouth!

    People don't realize that.  So every time you take another medication, your mouth is getting drier – 

    -- not just because of medications, but because you're aging, your mouth is already naturally drier.

    So, it was clear what needed to be done here. 

    We couldn’t stop them from taking their medications, not at this stage of their life, but we could do a lot to offset many of their side effects from taking them.

    After all – they are our parents! 

    We want what’s best for them – no excuses.

    Fast forward to my dental-surprise when I was now diagnosed with chronic xerostomia, and periodontal disease as a result.

    Fortunately I knew what I could use to keep my mouth wetter…

    …but now that I had “skin in the game” – my own dry mouth condition-

    – What better motivation is there to make it better – make it more effective?

    I had to experiment and find a way to maximize the benefit.


    I solicited the help of my dentist to conduct a formal Clinical Trial applying various methods of using this oral relief product. 

    She agreed!

    Over a two month period the doctor distributed the product free to a wide variety of patients suffering from everything from…

    • dry mouth,
    • burning tongue syndrome, and
    • oral yeast disease to…
    • …chronic dental and mouth pain and discomfort.

    They were grouped into two categories:

    • Advanced At-Risk (chronic pain, discomfort, little-to-no ability to produce enough natural saliva)
    • Progressive At-Risk (like me, not critical, but needing some help)

    “At-Risk” is my designation for a person that is risking damage to their overall health because of their dry-mouth condition…

    they stand to risk further complications to their overall health the drier their mouth becomes because…

    the bacteria can become ingested and make worse any existing medical condition they may have.

    Which group applies to you?

    Now that you know that, here’s the way to address it.

    The patients were given specific instructions of when to use the product, how long to wait after before drinking or eating.

    Here’s a simplified-version of the protocol the Trial showed us to be the most effective:

    ADVANCED AT-RISK  (Extreme level) 


    • Take a SplashTABS to get saliva going
    • Brush after breakfast, then take another one (avoid fluids or eating for 30 minutes minimum)
    • Use additional SplashTABS as needed


    • Brush after lunch, then take a SplashTABS (avoid fluids or eating for 30 minutes minimum)
    • Use additional SplashTABS as needed


    • Floss
    • Brush
    • then take a SplashTABS as the last thing you eat or drink

    Suggested monthly supply:

    • 180 tablets  (2 bottles = 6 tablets per day)

    PROGRESSIVE  AT-RISK  (Moderate level)

    includes Speakers,  Athletes & Everyone Else


    • Take a SplashTABS as needed


    • Floss
    • Brush
    • then Take a SplashTABS as the last thing you eat or drink

    Suggested monthly supply:

    • 90 tablets  (1 bottle = 3 tablets per day)


    My dentist told me to maintain a wetter mouth or die. So I’m listening. I have COPD and have been scared out of my wits already. THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS I love the tingle on my tongue and my teeth feel smoother somehow after using them. What a simple way to stay healthy!

    Jan J., Tampa, FL

    I can’t believe how wet my mouth stays

    I saw your web site and decided to try your tabs. Nothing else worked for me so I had nothing to lose. I had to write you---these things are FANTASTIC. After years of trying everything for my sore mouth and dry throat from my medications, I can’t believe how wet my mouth stays for an hour or more after doing one of these things. I try not to drink or eat anything like the instructions say and it works. God bless you! Oh, they really taste great too!

    Cal M., St. Louis, MO

    I finally can get a sound night’s sleep!

    I finally can get a sound night’s sleep! Before using the tabs I would wake up frequently for water. Now I put a piece of the tab under my tongue when I turn in and my mouth stays wet most of the night.

    Jane A., Edmond, OK

    There's your Proof.

    The one-two punch to easy, effective and temporary relief of a sore and dry mouth is:

    1. SplashTABS and
    2. The proper TIMING of it

    All without medications, constant water-sipping, or terrible-tasting mouthrinses.  Just like I said at the beginning.

    This turns conventional treatments for dry-mouth on its head!

    Now that you've learned the WHAT, WHEN, and HOW of this oral relief  SECRET I first told you about, listen again to what these Clinical Trial Patients are telling you :

    Making more sense to you now?

    Well, now it's your turn.

    And just in case you're thinking...

    “Tom, I have tried so many things before that had great fanfare only to be disappointed.  How can I really be sure this time?”

    Look, I know everyone is different.  But without trying, what are you left with? 

    I’ll answer that. 

    With the same discomfort you have right now before you started reading all of this.

    Look, you can say no, but do me a personal favor - don't deny yourself the relief you deserve .

    It's time to admit how important this issue is in your life right now.

    There are many people out there that already know how important it is:

  • Serious runners and athletes that won’t begin a routine without it
  • People that can’t get a good night’s sleep without it
  • People that can’t have a comfortable conversation without it
  • Speakers that won’t begin a talk without it
  • People that fear the dentist’s chair and won’t be without it

  • For them – it’s VERY serious.

    I would be willing to bet that it is for you too.

    And to help you fast-track to YOUR personal success story, here's what I want to do for you.

    At the end of the quick Survey you did we gave you a COUPON CODE good for $10.

    Would you like to see how you can also get an additional 3 FREE bottles of SplashTABS?

    That’s a 3 month supply for most people.


    First there has to be a mindset change, then comes the "physical" change.

    I’ll fill you in more once you get inside.

    Click the button below and follow the directions on the next page to get started immediately.

    I'll see you there,

    I'm here to help!

    Tom Hitchens

    SplashTABS' Founder

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