About Us

Hi, Tom Hitchens here…

I'm the guy that developed SplashTABS.

I’ve spent quite a bit of thought-time deciding what I wanted to say to you on this page…

Most About-Us pages shout out about the company’s accomplishments and public notoriety, list their credentials and accomplishments, and that’s all good…

I wanted to be different. 

I don’t want to speak “corporate-speak”, and you don’t want to read it.

I wanted to write exactly what you want to know. 


So, I decided to talk straight to you.  I think I know why you’re here. 

You need help.

SplashTABS, and our brand SplashRx, isn’t “About” us, it’s about “RESULTS”!

You need relief from a dry and uncomfortable mouth.  For whatever reason you have it.  You want something that delivers… you want a solution… RESULTS.

That’s what we’re about.

Helping YOU transform YOUR life with temporary relief from the discomfort that brought YOU here.

Spend a second on this page. 

It’s a partial list of reviews and stories from people just like you and me.

People with bad breath issues.

People struggling to sleep all night because of the need to drink water constantly.

People with toothache pain , or sore burning mouths.

People struggling to complete a workout or run because of their parched mouth and throat.

Now they are confident to be around people in close quarters.

They are sleeping soundly.

The ache and fire in their mouths are no longer raging.

They are mono-focused on their athletic training or public speaking now that their dry-mouth is no longer a distraction.

Seriously, read the comments and put yourself in their places as you do.

From clinical trials on medical and dental patients...

...through TV Infomercials...

...online & print advertisements...

...through notoriety from the book I wrote on the topic in 2013...

...and mainly by word-of-mouth from some of the people you’ll hear from on this page…

…we have sold hundreds of thousands of SplashTABS since 2010 when we started this whole thing.

By the way, here’s how it all started (and there’s a connection to YOU, if you are curious).

That’s it for now.  Quick.  Easy.

To YOUR relief~~