Reverse The Clock: How Poor Oral Health Ages You


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The PERFECT compliment to a daily SplashTABS regimen.  This book details why you need to be ON that regimen… why everyone does.


“Tom first shows you the differences between seeing and looking, seeing what you are told to see versus looking at what is looming in front of you. THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! …begin to look at the possibilities this new enlightenment has to offer.”
Dr. Vivian DeLuca DMD

The first thing people notice about you is your smile. Is it enough to focus on fighting back the age on your face alone while your teeth, mouth and breath are horrible? If you are slowly dying on the inside from a worsening health condition there is no wrinkle cream, face lift, or Botox treatment that can hide the true you. The question then becomes… “Can you be physically attractive and unhealthy at the same time?” For awhile, maybe yes, but in the long run… no, of course not… at least not the way you want to be seen.


Looking at this another way, if your mouth and body are healthy, there is nothing you can do mechanically to match the glow that naturally radiates your face, your skin and your smile.


Is your dentist an “Oral Health” specialist, or simply a tooth-restorer? Does your doctor consider how your underlying health issues sync with the health of your mouth? Want the answers as discovered by someone “inside” the medical and dental community?


As a researcher and consultant to these same dentists and doctors, Tom Hitchens has uncovered connections between physical attractiveness and systemic health that is either ignored or wholly unknown to the majority of today’s practicing medical and dental professionals. If they don’t know or don’t want to know… how about you? After all, it’s your face, your smile, your health!


This book’s wild ride is an entertaining-but-rude awakening as to what is really going on between what your doctors and dentists are telling (or not telling) you about the connection the health of your mouth has on the overall health of your body. How you appear physically to others is just scratching the surface. The deep sleep we all are enjoying “in the herd” is abruptly disrupted in this exposé…


“How does that affect you if your gynecologist refused to view free research connecting low birth weight and preterm deliveries to oral inflammation, or your child’s dentist ignoring a free presentation on the connection between adolescent diabetes and poor oral hygiene? Could your doctor or dentist, armed with that information and the modalities to treat you with, have an impact on your life? Without it, does that also impact your life?”


Tom Hitchens shares revelations with you that a majority of today’s medical and dental professionals refuse to acknowledge or refuse to learn. Are you one of their patients? These shocking but simple truths will change the way you look at your doctors and dentists, and they should add years to your life while removing years from your face!


Then, just when you thought it safe to go back into the doctor’s office, the author takes another abrupt turn by exposing the trends of a growing movement away from the traditional mores of doctor – patient relationships by using the medical community’s own words in support…


“Then came the turning point. The very foundation of conventional medicine shook in disbelief when in January of 1993 Doctors David M. Eisenberg MD, Ronald C. Kessler Ph D published their landmark study in The New England Journal of Medicine…”


Finally, as an unexpected but valuable bonus, the last section of the book alone is worth its weight in gold. A how-to reference in avoiding 15 life-ageing Mistakes we all have been making.


“The underlying message I speak of, the subject matter of this book, is clear, it resonates, and its effectiveness is documented. It’s also becoming viral; I’ll tell you how and why. Ignore the message to your own detriment, consumer/patient or doctor, or use it to your benefit.”


Extremely well documented with over a hundred medical and dental citations, this wild ride will change your life.


by Tom Hitchens (Author), Vivian DeLuca DMD (Foreword)

2013 by Jambu Creative Arts

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