Refund Policy


Not happy?   No problem.    We have a full 90-DAY  "EMPTY-BOTTLE"  Guarantee.

Buy with confidence - the risk is on us.

Within 90 days from your shipment receipt date just send us an email to with "REFUND" in the subject line and tell us you'd like a refund.   We'll email back a printable return-shipping label for you to ship back the remainder of your order for a full refund as long as you have opened and used only one of the bottles (of a multiple-bottle order).  If you used more than one bottle, then we'll refund your purchase price less any additional bottles opened.   We'll refund to the payment method you used within 10 days upon return of the product to us.  Only purchased one bottle?  Just send back the empty bottle!    WE WANT YOU HAPPY!

I finally can get a sound night’s sleep!

Jane A., Edmond, OK

I finally can get a sound night’s sleep! Before using the tabs I would wake up frequently for water. Now I put a piece of the tab under my tongue when I turn in and my mouth stays wet most of the night.

I had such dry mouth because of my diabetes

J.P. M., Orlando, FL

I speak for a living. I had such dry mouth because of my diabetes and constantly had to be sipping liquid, which would then make me have to go relieve myself. It was quite the distruption. No more! My dentist handed me a bottle of your berry Splash Tabs and I am hooked! Sometimes the tingle lasts for a half hour or more after the Splash Tab is gone but it still keeps me salivating like I was 18 and looking at a burger on the grill. If these things didn’t taste so good maybe I could cut down on their use, I find myself going through a bottle in a week because I am so hooked on them now. I see they are only 5 calories so this is now my vice since I can’t eat candy anymore. Keep sending them ----I’ll keep using them.

I got your tabs for my mother

Jedidiah C., New York City, NY

I got your tabs for my mother. She takes 11 medications and has such a dry mouth that sometimes she has trouble talking and eating. I have her use one before each meal and now she asks for one many times during the day she really likes the tingle that she says makes her feel like her mouth is getting wetter like she remembers it used to do. I worry about her I even started using the splash tabs myself after seeing how they helped my mother. I didn’t realize how dry my mouth had become until I started drooling soon after my first tab. We can’t thank you enough. What a value at the price you are selling this relief in a bottle!

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