Here's what our customers are saying about SplashTABS

I can’t believe how wet my mouth stays

I saw your web site and decided to try your tabs. Nothing else worked for me so I had nothing to lose. I had to write you---these things are FANTASTIC. After years of trying everything for my sore mouth and dry throat from my medications, I can’t believe how wet my mouth stays for an hour or more after doing one of these things. I try not to drink or eat anything like the instructions say and it works. God bless you! Oh, they really taste great too!

Cal M., St. Louis, MO

My hygienist had me change to use your product

I can’t stand that milky aftertaste from that bioteane mouthwash we were using. My hygienist had me change to use your product six times every day for thirty days and I have to thank you for how much of a difference this made in my life. I had such bad breath and sore mouth that it hurt to brush my teeth and my hygienist was really getting on me to clean my mouth better but I just couldn’t. now I can because of this silly little tingle in a bottle. My mouth is never dry anymore or sore so when I brush it doesn’t hurt. I will always use your tabs please don’t stop making them!!!

Barry K., Roanoke, VA

I had such dry mouth because of my diabetes

I speak for a living. I had such dry mouth because of my diabetes and constantly had to be sipping liquid, which would then make me have to go relieve myself. It was quite the distruption. No more! My dentist handed me a bottle of your berry Splash Tabs and I am hooked! Sometimes the tingle lasts for a half hour or more after the Splash Tab is gone but it still keeps me salivating like I was 18 and looking at a burger on the grill. If these things didn’t taste so good maybe I could cut down on their use, I find myself going through a bottle in a week because I am so hooked on them now. I see they are only 5 calories so this is now my vice since I can’t eat candy anymore. Keep sending them ----I’ll keep using them.

J.P. M., Orlando, FL

I got your tabs for my mother

I got your tabs for my mother. She takes 11 medications and has such a dry mouth that sometimes she has trouble talking and eating. I have her use one before each meal and now she asks for one many times during the day she really likes the tingle that she says makes her feel like her mouth is getting wetter like she remembers it used to do. I worry about her I even started using the splash tabs myself after seeing how they helped my mother. I didn’t realize how dry my mouth had become until I started drooling soon after my first tab. We can’t thank you enough. What a value at the price you are selling this relief in a bottle!

Jedidiah C., New York City, NY

Pass the drool bucket

Tingle ahoy! Pass the drool bucket.

Chaz T., Dallas, TX

...splash tabs took the pain away...

I threw away the pain medication my dentist gave me and used the splash tabs instead! I had a broken tooth in my back gum area that was infected. I chew the thing up into little pieces and let them cover the sides and top of my infected tooth. In less than five minutes, not even, the splash tabs took the pain away. It stayed away for at least 2 hours. I carry these things with me everywhere. I love them. I do.

Angel D., Brooksville, FL

I finally can get a sound night’s sleep!

I finally can get a sound night’s sleep! Before using the tabs I would wake up frequently for water. Now I put a piece of the tab under my tongue when I turn in and my mouth stays wet most of the night.

Jane A., Edmond, OK

the Splash tabs soothe my gums

I love the Splash tabs because they make my mouth feel more moist and fresh. Sometimes, if I “over floss” the Splash tabs soothe my gums and the soreness goes away. I love that tingle!

Diane S., Spring Hill, FL


My dentist told me to maintain a wetter mouth or die. So I’m listening. I have COPD and have been scared out of my wits already. THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS I love the tingle on my tongue and my teeth feel smoother somehow after using them. What a simple way to stay healthy!

Jan J., Tampa, FL

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